Tap water, the ideal water for children 


Several surveys show that most children don’t drink enough water. In principle, they should drink between six and eight glasses of water a day. But many prefer sweetened or flavoured drinks.


However, a child whose water intake is insufficient is likely to become dehydrated more quickly the younger they are. They may be less focused at school, complain of headaches, suffer from constipation, etc.

Tips to get your children into the habit of drinking more water

  • Get your children into the habit of drinking water regularly from a young age. This healthy lifestyle habit should become second nature.
  • Explain that in nature all animals quench their thirst with water, not with flavoured drinks.
  • Set a good example for them to enjoy drinks that may not taste as good but are good for the body.
  • Always make water available.
  • Serve the water in a way that encourages them to drink: a glass with the image of their favourite superhero, a colourful bottle, a glass with a straw, etc.
  • Be creative! You can add mint leaves, lemon or orange slices, ice cubes... but avoid adding sugar. ?



Water bottles - Get into the habit!

Put a water bottle filled with tap water in your children's school bag. They can take a sip whenever they want.

Choose a metal bottle, which has several advantages:

  • the water is protected from light. Bacteria therefore grow less quickly;
  • it keeps cool (if sheltered from the sun);
  • it is more resistant. A metal bottle will not break or leak;
  • it is sustainable;
  • it is easy to clean, rinse it before each use.