7 ways to reduce your water consumption


There are a number of ways to control your water consumption and therefore your water bill. What can you do to cut your spending and actively participate in preserving water, a precious resource.


1. Take a shower



If your shower is fitted with an energy-saving shower head, you will consume up to 5 times less than if you had taken a bath. Be careful not to spend too long under the running water, as a 15-minute shower uses the same amount of water as a bath (1 minute = 12 litres). You can install a shower timer: water resistant and equipped with a built-in alarm, they allow you to set the time you spend in the shower.

2. Replace your toilet flush


with a dual-push toilet flush. If this is too large an investment, you can slip one or two bottles of water into the tank. You can also consider dry toilets.



3. Wait until your appliances are full



Wait until your appliances (dishwasher, washing machine) are full before starting a programme. 

4. Fit your taps with an aerator



These water aerators are a simple way to significantly reduce your consumption without having to reach deep into your pocket.   

5. Do not leave the tap running


while brushing your teeth or washing your hands. You can also use a sensor tap (automatic). 


6. Water your garden with rainwater


Water your garden with rainwater and avoid doing so at the hottest times of the day. This will prevent your plants/vegetables from scorching and the water from evaporating too quickly. What’s more, water stress (in small doses) can be beneficial to your plants and vegetables, allowing them to develop their root systems. You can also cover your vegetable patch with straw, grass clippings and dead leaves. This favours water retention. 

7. Beware of water leaks.


A dripping leak represents 4 litres/hour or 35 m³/year. A leaking toilet flush? 25 litres/hour or 219 m³/year. As you can see, it is important to check your consumption regularly by reading your meter.


If you want to know how your daily consumption is broken down, use our 

consumption simulator