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Frequently asked questions

How are my instalments calculated? Is it possible to change the amount?

The amount of your instalments is calculated on the basis of consumption in your most recent period. The three quarterly instalments are intended to cover 3/4 of your next adjustment bill. This means that when you receive that bill, only 1/4 of the amount remains to be paid. 

However, if there is a change in your consumption habits (change in household composition, construction of a swimming pool or pond, etc.), you can adjust the amount of your instalments to suit you, avoiding unpleasant surprises.


Are instalment bills compulsory?

Yes, water suppliers are legally required to establish at least quarterly instalments. Each year you will therefore receive three instalment bills and an annual adjustment bill. The adjustment bill is issued after your meter has been read. Instalments already paid are deducted from its amount.  

In the case of an empty building, the owner is liable for this fee. 

Can I request monthly instalment bills? 

Yes, you can change the frequency of your instalment bills via your Customer Account. They can be changed from quarterly to monthly. The amount of the instalments will then be lower. This allows the burden of the water bill on the household budget to be spread out a little more.

Minimum amount of an advance payment

If the building is uninhabited, you can opt for 'empty house' advance payments.

For quarterly instalments, the amount is fixed at €30.

For monthly instalments, the amount is fixed at €10.

Instalment and adjustment bills

Each year, SWDE sends you three instalment bills (one per quarter) and an adjustment bill (annual) after receiving your meter reading. If you want to manage your budget more flexibly, you can receive monthly instalment bills. Simply contact our Customer Service department. In this case, you should also consider making things easier by setting up a direct debit. With a direct debit your bills are automatically paid on time and you retain control over every amount paid from your account.

Advance payment frequency

Compulsory advance payment bills are sent quarterly by default. You can change the frequency via your Customer Account and receive them monthly. As the monthly instalment amounts are lower, they allow you to manage your budget more easily.