How to get the best out of your tap water ?


Tap water is your daily companion. You can consume it without moderation because its quality is impeccable. But like any food, it is fragile and must be consumed in the right conditions.


Here are some tips:

  • Be creative! For example, add a slice of orange, lemon or a few mint leaves to your glass or bottle of water.  
  • Never use warm water to make coffee or tea or to cook pasta or vegetables. Heat cold water instead..
  • Refresh the water in your ice cubes in the refrigerator regularly. Water doesn’t go bad, but an ice cube that is too old or made in the wrong container will taste bad. What’s more, it clouds the clarity of the liquid you wish to cool.  
  • Let the water run until it is cool before drinking. But don't let those first few drops go to waste. Collect them for watering your plants.
  • Fill your carafe and let the water air out, so that any chlorine smell will disappear.
  • Place the carafe in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before drinking.
  • Wash the carafe before each refill.



Do you take a water bottle to school, sport or work? Good idea! Choose a metal bottle. It has several advantages:

  • the water is protected from light. Bacteria therefore grow less quickly;
  • it keeps cool (if sheltered from the sun);
  • it is more resistant;
  • it is sustainable;
  • it is easy to look after. Like the carafe, rinse it before each use.