Application for a temporary water connection for a construction site


Are you carrying out work or organising an event and need a temporary water connection? We can rent you a gooseneck. This is a device equipped with a meter to be placed on a connection point or hydrant.


What to do  

Once the request has been made using this form, we will send you information about the deposit to be paid and an agreement. This sets out your rights and obligations in relation to the hire of a gooseneck and you must sign it and return it to us.  

As soon as we receive your deposit, we will contact you to make an appointment for you to collect the equipment.

Ask for a gooseneck

2023 rate  

  • Deposit: €500 This will be repaid to you, minus the bill for the water used, on the return of all the equipment in good condition.  
  • Rental: €55 excl. VAT/month – any month started must be paid for. 
  • Water consumption:  this is charged at the standard rate.

Connecting and installing the gooseneck 

You must connect the gooseneck to a connection point or fire hydrant. We can send you a fire hydrant location plan on request. You must send us the meter readings for the gooseneck on request and at least every 3 months.

Then refer to the instructions in the booklet “How to successfully install and use a gooseneck" to install your gooseneck.  


See the brochure


What happens if the agreement expires and the works have not been completed?

Contact us to request an extension of your agreement for the desired period (max. 6 months) accompanied by 2 photos: a legible photo of the meter in order so that the serial and index numbers can be read, and a photo of the gooseneck in a wide shot showing the equipment is in good condition.  

We will send you a new agreement to be signed and returned to us.



Please note that the agreement (use on the designated site, securing the equipment, etc.) must be scrupulously followed and a copy must be permanently present on the site. 


Returning the gooseneck 

At the end of the works, contact us using the contact form or by phone at 087 / 87 87 87 to make an appointment to return the gooseneck.  


We will issue a final bill based on the m³ consumed (current rate) and the monthly rental fee. If the equipment is damaged, you will also be charged for this. If the final bill is lower than the deposit, the difference will be refunded.  If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the final bill, you will have to pay the excess.