How is Société wallonne des eaux financed?


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Société wallonne des eaux is financed via bank loans (Belgian banks or European Investment Bank) and commercial paper/MTN issues via our commercial paper programme.

The programme amounts to €200 million with maturities from 7 days to 20 years. Commercial papers can be issued on a floating or fixed rate basis.


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Belfius Bank is both the dealer and the arranger of the programme. and can provide a programme prospectus on request.

As part of the financing of our activities, we have set up a sustainable financing framework called "Green Finance Framework". Vigéo Eiris was asked to give an independent opinion on the Green Finance Framework and the company's sustainable approach.

We were awarded a “reasonable” level, which is the highest level of assurance. This certification now allows us to issue Green Bonds and Green Loans as part of our Green Finance Framework.

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