Water prices at SWDE


To be drinkable, water must be treated before it reaches the tap. Several calculations therefore enter into water pricing.


How is the price of water calculated?


The price of water is calculated in the same way for all consumers served by SWDE. It is broken down into 4 elements:


1. True-cost of supply (CVD)

This takes into account all the charges relating to:

  • network maintenance (+ 40,000 km of pipes);
  • infrastructure renewal;
  • securing the supply, protection and monitoring of water catchments; 
  • water purification;
  • customer management.

Calculated per m³ of water supplied, this is the remuneration SWDE earns for the services it provides in supplying you with a sufficient quantity of high-quality water.

The CVD 2023 amounts to € 2.80/m³.


2. True cost of sanitation (CVA)

This includes all charges related to wastewater treatment (sewage networks and treatment plants). This mission has been entrusted by the Government to the Société Publique de Gestion de l'Eau (SPGE).

The CVA for 2023 is € 2.365/m³.


3. VAT

For water supply, it amounts to 6 %.


4. Social Water Fund

This is a solidarity contribution from each customer living in the Walloon region.

This fund is intended to help people experiencing financial difficulties.

The Social Water Fund 2024 amounts to € 0.0322 / m³.


Changing water prices at SWDE