Request for water supply network plans


Have you got work planned and would you like to know if there are any SWDE pipelines running underneath your site? You can find the answer on the CICC website.


A map showing all structures and pipelines

To meet the needs of professionals and individuals, a federal structure has been set up: the CICC (Federal Cable and Pipeline Management Database). This body centralises requests for underground utility plans. The CICC has a number of affiliates: 

  • ELIA (high voltage transmission system operator); 
  • FETRAPI (Federation of Pipeline Transporters); 
  • most of the cable and pipeline managers in the Walloon and Brussels regions (telecommunication, natural gas, electricity and water supply companies). 

We have a Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows us to list and locate all our structures and pipes. This tool enables us to send you our plans automatically when you submit your request to the CICC platform. 

On the CICC website, you can :

  • check whether there are cables or pipelines for the transmission of hazardous substances, high-voltage connections or other cables or pipelines in the vicinity; The presence of cables and/or pipelines for other purposes is also checked; 

    report your work to the cable and pipeline managers (including SWDE). Within hours of submitting your request, we will provide you with the excerpt of the requested plan. 

If you do not get a response from the CICC, Contact us.