International: Water for all today and tomorrow


We all know that clean, safe water is essential for human life and society. That is why we are involved in international cooperation projects to facilitate access to drinking water for all.


What are we doing to help achieve this goal?

We share our experience and expertise and support water operators and user associations whenever possible. This includes the production and distribution of drinking water and wastewater treatment. 

Our experience in international cooperation projects has shown us that developing partnerships with local stakeholders and authorities is essential. We are convinced that the interests of the local population are best served when the management of the water cycle remains a public responsibility

This is our starting point when determining how we can best provide support or knowledge sharing to the populations concerned. This can range from advice to practical training (e.g. on the optimal use and maintenance of local infrastructure). 

More specifically, we share our expertise in 7 key areas.

Resource management  

We support our partners in the integrated and sustainable management of their resources.

Drinking water production  

We ensure the availability and treatment of water using up-to-date technology.  

Drinking water supply and network efficiency  

We develop and implement a methodology to optimise the daily operation of the water system and its efficiency. 

Water quality management  

We ensure water quality through laboratory management incorporating a water safety management plan and the use of the required information systems. 

Secure IT solutions for the automation and remote management of hydraulic works  

We define and implement the required technology options. 

Human resources management skills and training 

We develop and implement a human resources management structure and tools, including training and evaluation programmes.  

Investment and strategy  

We help decision-makers develop and implement their strategic investment plans.