Requesting a debt clearance plan

Are you having problems paying your bill? Pay it in several monthly instalments without extra cost. Log in to your Customer Account to create and consult your debt clearance plan. It's quick and easy!

My debt clearance plan

In your Customer Account, you can also
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your bills are always paid on time. You choose the day the payment is taken. You stop when you want to.

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Frequently asked questions

Why can't I create my debt settlement plan? 

If you do not owe money on an annual adjustment/opening/closing bill you do not have access to the debt settlement plan request.  

If you had a debt settlement plan but missed a deadline or failed to pay the exact amount, your plan is deactivated and you cannot create a new one.  

In this case, you should contact our Customer Service department, which, depending on your situation, may grant you a new debt settlement plan.

How do I obtain a debt settlement plan?

You can obtain a debt settlement plan for your adjustment, opening or closing bills by activating it on your Customer Account

You can choose between 2 and 9 monthly instalments, as long as your plan is fully paid up before the next adjustment bill.   

The minimum monthly payment is €25.  

Please note, however, that it is not possible to pay your instalment bills in several monthly payments.   

However, you can change their frequency and/or amount via your Customer Account.

Will my debt settlement plan be paid via my direct debit? 

If you have an active direct debit on the account covered by the debt settlement plan, your monthly payments will be deducted via direct debit.   

If you have opted for a fixed debit date, your monthly payments will be debited on the date you have set. 

Where can I see the outstanding balance of my debt settlement plan? 

Go to your Customer Account.