Responsibility for connection facilities


You notice a problem with your installation (leak, frozen meter, strange noise, etc.). How do you know who is responsible and who to contact?


Sharing responsibilities

It is the Water Code that officially determines where the distributor's and the customer's responsibility begins and ends. 

We are responsible for the connection to the supply network up to the meter. This includes the connection pipe from the main pipe in the street, the stopcock before the meter, the joint before the meter and the meter itself. 
You are requested to take all necessary measures to protect this part of the connection. You must protect it from freezing and report any malfunction to us.

You are responsible for the installation beyond the meter. This means:

  • the joint and the connection after the meter;
  • the stopcock after the meter;
  • the drain valve;
  • the non-return valve;
  • the indoor installation.



    What to do in an emergency

    In the event of a leak in the private installation, remember first of all to turn off stopcock No. 5 or No. 2, depending on the location of the leak, to cut off the water supply.


    If the leak is before the meter, please contact us immediately on 087 / 87 87 87. A technician will respond as soon as possible. If there is a leak after the meter in the direction of water flow, you should contact a plumber.