Protecting your water system during a long absence


Will your home be unoccupied for a long time? Follow our list of things to do to protect your installation.



  1. Turn off water supply tap no. 5 located after the meter.
  2. Take a bucket and open drain valve no. 6 to drain the system. Draining is complete when the water stops flowing. If the water does not stop flowing through drain valve no. 6, either your non-return valve no. 7 is defective and you need to replace it, or stopcock no. 5 is not tight and in this case contact your plumber.
  3. Do not forget to close drain valve no. 6.
  4. In winter, protect your installation from freezing, including your meter. Water may still be present despite emptying it.


When you return, flush the pipes before drinking:

  • check that drain valve no. 6 is closed;
  • reopen water supply tap no. 5 located after the meter;
  • flush the toilets;
  • take 3 litres of water from each tap by opening several taps at the same time;
  • clean the filters of the taps;
  • continue rinsing until the water runs clear throughout.