The promise of impeccable service


Because your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns, we are committed to respecting 10 fundamental principles.


1. Produce and distribute water whose quality is constantly monitored

We pursue a dynamic prevention policy by carrying out a large number of quality controls. This allows us to regularly check the quality of your water and to respond quickly in case of problems. We also regularly invest in replacing defective pipes in the network.




Quality of my water


2. Ensure continuity of supply in terms of flow and pressure

We guarantee a static pressure of between 2 and 10 bar and a minimum flow rate of 300 l/h throughout the network*.
*Under normal operating conditions.



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3. Notify you in case of service interruption

In the event of an immediate shutdown of the supply due to a major unforeseen event (e.g. a burst pipe), we report the incident online. If we are unable to inform you by immediate means of communication (vehicle equipped with a loudspeaker, door to door, leaflet), our on-site teams and our customer service department will provide you with the information you require.  

In the event of scheduled works that may disrupt the water supply, you will be given at least 72 hours' notice.

We ensure that any power outage due to network maintenance does not exceed 4 hours.

If the interruption lasts more than 8 hours, we will set up a temporary water supply system (tanker, temporary connection, water bottles, etc.).




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4. Respond quickly to emergencies

Our technical teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. An on-call service is available to help you outside of working hours, at weekends and on public holidays.



087/87 87 87


5. Encourage online request processing

Through your customer account, you can easily send us your requests or carry out various formalities. If necessary, our customer service can be reached by e-mail or telephone.




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6. Be reachable by phone, especially in case of technical emergency

For all technical emergencies (water quality, lack of water, lack of pressure, water leakage or infiltration requiring a rapid response by our services, etc.), our Customer Service Department is accessible 24 hours a day on 087 / 87 87 87
For other requests, you can reach us by phone, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.




How to contact us?


7. Issue a clear and understandable bill

We attach great importance to the legibility of bills. The amount claimed, the explanatory details and the rest of the information should be easy to read and understand.



Understanding my water bill


8. Make any new connection within 40 calendar days (*)

You can apply for a new connection online. As soon as we open your file, we will send you the necessary documents for the connection (estimate, technical specifications, etc.). Subject to certain conditions, the connection will be installed and commissioned within 30 days (*) of the estimate being approved.

(*)Excluding network extensions and new industrial connections




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9. Restore the premises quickly after our work and/or response

After our response, except in difficult weather conditions, we will restore the premises to their original state within 8 working days.



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10. See the works and incidents

Every year, we evaluate our customers' satisfaction through a survey, carried out by an external company, with a representative sample. 
The questionnaire has a different theme from year to year. The results of this survey are published on our website and lead to action plans for improvement.