New connection to the SWDE distribution network


The individual steps to be followed to enable you to successfully commission your new connection. Let us guide you.


A good tip: use your architect, contractor or other professional to help you fill in the form with the right documents.

Step 1: Gather together the necessary documents

Gather all the necessary documents to validate your connection request (click on the links to see an overview):

1. The site plan





2. The plan view and cross-section view of the room where the meter is located




3. The external layout plan




including tanks, sewage treatment plant and/or inspection chambers

4. A photo of the façade, the property and the road



from the pavement opposite the house

5. A photo of the desired location of the meter



 including any duct outlets


6. Fire brigade report



 (only for industrial buildings, commercial premises, flats, etc.).



Note: Each attachment may not exceed 1.22 MB! To compress them, you can use Wecompress.


Step 2: Fill in the form

Fill in our online form with all your details and all the documents requested (plans and photos) to get a free quotation. 

As soon as we register your request, you will receive an e-mail with your file number. 

Don't panic if you don't receive your confirmation e-mail immediately, registration may take some time (maximum 24 hours).

Fill in our online form


Step 3: Wait for your quotation

If your application is complete, we will send you a detailed quotation showing the total cost and explaining the various works required before we can install the connection. 

If your application is not complete, we will contact you. 

Step 4: Sign the quotation

Return the signed quotation to us within a maximum of 3 months. 

Step 5: Carry out any necessary preparation work

You must carry out the preparatory work on your property in accordance with the measurement file received with the quotation.

This includes:

  • constructing the trench;
  • breaking through the cellar wall (or floor slab);
  • installing the duct;
  • installing any easement curve;
  • backfilling the trench, leaving 1m³ open at the property line and also at the point of penetration into the building (to create the break in the duct).

Please refer to our brochure "Your new drinking water connection" or watch our explanatory video.


Step 6: Verify the conformity of the work carried out

You send us photos of your work to the address indicated in the quotation. On this basis, we check the conformity of the preparation work included in the measurement file. If everything is in order, we validate the date that has been programmed in.


Caution:  The trench must be kept compliant until the day the new connection is made.


Step 7: Create the new connection and install the meter

We create the connection between your building and the main street pipe, and install the meter. 

We supply and install all equipment:

  • the connection pipe;
  • the water meter;
  • the connection devices and parts.

We also take care of earthworks, backfilling and repairs in public areas.

Please note that, at this stage of the work, the building must be closed.

Step 8: Commission the water supply

The water supply is turned on as soon as the meter is installed. 

The annual fee applies as soon as the supply is put into service, i.e. as soon as the work to install a new connection is completed.



Caution:  From 1 June 2021, all new water connections must be certified by approved certifiers. Find out more at