Water quality - Non-potable water


Water may become temporarily unfit for consumption following an incident (pipe problems, flooding, etc.). We then trigger a special procedure to notify you immediately and provide you with drinking water.


Real-time communication

As soon as water is declared non-potable at a location in the network, we publish a notice in the section "In your municipality". You will find the area affected, the severity of the pollution and the alternative location where we make drinking water available. The customer service team is also available for further information.

Letterbox notices: red, orange or green

These notices are not only virtual. We put a red, orange or green notice in letterboxes.

The red notice means that the water is temporarily undrinkable, even if boiled. Its consumption is forbidden. 


The orange notice means that the water is not drinkable. However, it can be consumed if it is boiled.


The green notice indicates that the incident is closed. The water is drinkable again.




Drinking water supply points

When water is not drinkable, we provide alternative resources and set up supply points. Our customer service team can also tell you where they are located.