Water quality control


Every day, our laboratory analyses several dozen samples taken along the entire network. Its objective? To check that the water supplied meets the stringent drinking water standards.


Rigorous and regular monitoring

In order to prevent the risk of a deterioration in water quality, we implement a rigorous prevention policy by carrying out a number of control analyses that exceed the legal requirements. 

More than a hundred thousand analyses are carried out each year. Water samples are taken from various locations, from the water catchment area and storage facilities, to the consumer's kitchen tap.

The water samples are quickly analysed by our laboratory, according to criteria that are stricter than those prescribed by the WHO (World Health Organization). The reliability of sampling and analysis is guaranteed by accreditation, which verifies that the system complies with the ISO 17025 quality standard (certificate 118-TEST available on the BELAC website). Thanks to these measures, your tap water can be consumed without any health risk.