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Frequently asked questions

How do I take my meter reading?

Your meter reading indicates your water consumption in cubic metres (1 m³ = 1,000 l). The figures on a black background represent your consumption in cubic metres, while the red figures indicate your consumption in litres. 

Only the figures on a black background are taken into account for your bill. 

When you need to give us your annual meter reading, this number on a black background should be sent via your Customer Account or via the indexphone (automatic message service available 24 hours a day).

What should I do if my meter reading has not changed since the last reading?

If you see that your meter shows the same reading as the previous year, your meter is probably stuck and needs to be replaced (free of charge). 

Contact our Customer Service department immediately on 087 / 87 87 87.  

How do I correct an estimated reading?

If we do not receive your annual reading, we will bill you on the basis of an estimate. In order to provide us with the actual reading, please complete the online form. Don't forget to attach a photo of your meter (black numbers clearly visible).


What should I do if I have forgotten to submit my meter reading? 

If you have not yet received a bill based on an estimate, go to your Customer Account and enter your reading.  

You can also use the indexphone, for which you will need your meter reading request with the access code.