Activate my direct debit

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Activate my direct debit

In your Customer Account, you can also
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Change the amount or frequency of your instalments with a single click.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I manage my direct debit?

Yes, you can set the details of your direct debit yourself: 

  • via your Customer Account, you can choose the date the payment is debited and choose the bank account for your direct debit; 
  • via your bank, you can choose a maximum amount that can be debited or contest a debit up to 8 weeks after the debit date.

Will my debt settlement plan be paid via my direct debit? 

If you have an active direct debit on the account covered by the debt settlement plan, your monthly payments will be deducted via direct debit.   

If you have opted for a fixed debit date, your monthly payments will be debited on the date you have set. 

Change the bank account linked to my direct debit

Go to your Customer Account and enter, correct or delete your bank details.

Would you like to make a written request? Go to the "Help and contact" page.

You can also do this by contacting our Customer Service department on 087/87 87 87.

Customised direct debit

Did you know that, in addition to avoiding costs linked to late payments, you can decide on the details of your direct debit yourself, i.e.

  • Your direct debit date

Depending on when you get paid, you set the date on which your account is debited.

  • The maximum debit amount

No unpleasant surprises, you set the maximum amount that can be debited.

  • Refuse a direct debit and get your money back

Don't agree with the direct debit?

Up to 8 weeks after the debit, exercise your right of refusal and receive a refund of the amount debited within 48 hours of the request.