What do I do when I move and become a SWDE customer?


What to do if you don't have a SWDE customer number yet and want to put the meter of your new home in your name Here are the various formalities.


Gather the following information: 

  • meter serial no; 
  • the meter reading on the date* you took over the property; 
  • if you are a tenant, the contact details of the landlord.  

* This date must be agreed with the predecessor or owner of the property.

How to become a customer

Via our online form 

  • Fill in this form;
  • You will be notified that your form has been sent.  
  • Within 15 days, you will receive:  
    • a letter containing your customer data, your instalment plan, the data relating to your meter takeover, etc. You can then log in to your Customer account;
    • your first bill entitled "Opening bill". 

Fill in this form


Via the change of user document 

You can download this document here and send it to us via our contact form.

  • You will be notified that your form has been sent.
  • Within 15 days you will receive:  
    • a letter containing all your details, your instalment plan and the details of your meter takeover; 
    • your first bill entitled "Opening bill". 

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Frequently asked questions

I am moving in/out. What are the formalities to go through with SWDE?

It is important to inform us of any changes in the occupancy of a building. 

If you leave, read the meter one last time in the presence of all parties involved so that the final bill can be issued. Access your Customer Account and complete the formalities in a few clicks. 

When you move in, water is already available. In order to quickly update your situation, access your Customer Account and complete the formalities in a few clicks.

More information: You are moving

What is an account opening bill?

When you move into a property, we issue an account opening bill. This includes only the part of the annual fee covering the period between the date of moving in and 31 December of the current year. 

The first bill for actual consumption will be issued at the time of the annual meter reading. In the meantime, you will receive quarterly instalment bills.

I own a property and rent it out. What are my obligations?

If a tenant leaves a property with unpaid debts, the principle of “non-solidarity" prevails. This means that we will not hold you responsible for your tenant's debts IF AND ONLY IF, no later than 30 days after the change of occupation of the dwelling:  

  • you provide us with the identity of the outgoing and incoming occupants; 
  • you provide us with the meter reading; 
  • you have equipped each dwelling with an individual meter, in the case of apartment buildings; 
  • you have provided evidence that the condition of the installation is not the cause of any abnormally high consumption. 

If the building is unoccupied, the owner is liable for the costs of the fee and the consumption logged until a new occupant arrives.

See also:

Solidarity between landlord and tenant

My landlord / previous user receives the bills for my meter

Your move has not been registered in our database.

It is important to get things in order quickly.

As soon as you have the necessary information (meter reading, etc.), take the necessary steps yourself.

Do you already have a SWDE customer number? Go to your Customer Account

Not yet a SWDE customer? Fill in the online form