The promise of a service of the highest quality


Because your satisfaction is a core concern for us, we have committed ourselves to respecting these ten fundamental principles:

  1. Echantillon d'eauTo produce and distribute water whose quality is constantly monitored 

    We implement a dynamic prevention policy by carrying out many quality controls. This enables us to regularly check the quality of your water and to intervene quickly if a problem arises. We have also provided for the replacement of all the lead connections still present in the system because living a healthy life is important!

  2. Ensuring continuity of supply in terms of flow rate and pressure
    We guarantee a static pressure of between 2 and 10 bars, as well as a minimum flow rate of 300 litres per hour throughout the system*.
    *Under normal operating conditions
  3. Informing you in advance if the service is to be interrupted

    - When planned works are likely to disrupt the water supply, we will notify you at least 72 hours in advance.

    - We ensure that any supply interruption relating to a system maintenance operation does not exceed four hours.

    - In the event of the immediate shutting off of the supply owing to a major unforeseen incident, we put a notice in your letter box or publicise the incident online (available only in french).    

    - If the supply interruption exceeds eight hours, we put  a temporary water distribution system (tanker, temporary connection, containers, etc.) in place.

  4. Prompt interventions in emergencies
    Our technical teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a  year. An on-call service comes to your assistance outside operating hours, on weekends and public holidays.


  5. Giving priority to dealing with on-line requests

    In your customer area, everything is designed to facilitate contact as much as possible. A few clicks are all that is needed to send your request or carry out a formality.  You can chat live  with one of our operators or send us an e-mail. Our customer service department can of course be contacted by telephone. If you prefer, we can also call  you at a time that is convenient for you or send us a letter by post.


  6. Be contactable by telephone, especially if there is a technical emergency

    Our customer services can be contacted by telephone between Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. if you have any “customer” questions and around the clock for technical emergencies: water quality, lack of water, lack of pressure, leak or seepage of water which mean our services need to intervene promptly, etc.                         

    If you want to contact us in writing, just click the link.

    You will receive a reply to your query as soon as possible, and within 10 days at the latest.

  7. Issuing a clear and understandable bill

    We place great importance in the readability of our bills. The amount charged, the explanatory detail and rest of the information must be easy to read and understand. Consult your bill  to find out how it is drawn up and what information in contains.


  8. Establishing any new connection within 40 days

    Any request for a new connection can be made online. We will process your file and send you the documents needed to  connect you to the supply  (estimate, technical requirements, etc.). Subject to certain conditions, the connection will be put in place and put into service within the 30 days  following agreement on the quotation.
    (*) excluding network extensions and excluding new industrial connections


  9. Quickly returning the site to its original state
    Following an intervention we return the site to its original state within eight working days, except in difficult climatic conditions
  10. Permanently evaluating the satisfaction of our customers

    Every year, we evaluate customer satisfaction using a survey, conducted by an external company, on a representative sample. The questionnaire covers a different topic each year.           

    The results of this survey are published on our website.

    We use them to establish and monitor ways in which we can improve our service.