Photo library

Our photo library contains a large number of images that can be used for an article or publication. They illustrate our activities and take you into the heart of our facilities and our activities.

Using the photo library could not be easier. Choose the category that interests you. Choose from among the selection of photos that appear on the screen. When you've made your decision, click on the photo to download it.

All of the images in the photo library are subject to copyright. Their total or partial use in any way whatsoever  without having first made a request to the SWDE is forbidden.

When consent is given, this wording must appear on the photo:

© Société wallonne des eaux

'Tap' Tap
'Remote management room at a treatment plant' Remote management room at a treatme...
'Mud sample' Mud sample
'Fixing of a leak that appeared at night' Fixing of a leak that appeared at n...
'Mud analysis at a treatment plant' Mud analysis at a treatment plant
'Water analysis at the laboratory' Water analysis at the laboratory
'Establishing of pricing for a new connection' Establishing of pricing for a new c...
'Water meter' Water meter
'Machine making water bags' Machine making water bags
'Water catchment in the Fagnes region' Water catchment in the Fagnes regio...
'Logistics' Logistics
'Leak seeking' Leak seeking
'Earthmoving worker' Earthmoving worker
'Engineering designer' Engineering designer
'Water sampler' Water sampler
'Land surveyor' Land surveyor