Non-drinkable water


An unexpected incident may render water temporarily unfit for consumption. In that case, the SWDE starts up a specific procedure. Its priorities: to notify you without delay and to supply you with drinking water.

Real-time communication

As soon as a non-drinkable notification is confirmed somewhere in the water system, the SWDE goes into action. The notification is immediately published online in the “In your municipality” section. The area affected, the severity of the pollution and the location where the SWDE is supplying drinking water. The customer service department is also at your disposal for further information.

Red, orange, green

The notifications are not just in a virtual format. The SWDE puts a red, orange or green notice in the letterboxes, depending on the circumstances.
The red notice means that the water is temporarily non-drinkable, even when boiled. Consuming it is prohibited.
The orange notice means that the water is non-drinkable. It may however be consumed provided it is boiled.
The green notice notifies that the incident has been resolved. The water is once again drinkable.

Supply points

When the water is not drinkable, the SWDE organises the distribution of containers of drinking water and sets up supply points.  The customer service department can tell you where they are located.

Avis potabilité vert
Avis de potabilité
Avis potabilité rouge