The benefits of tap water


In Wallonia, water is a natural resource. Tap water is subject to continuous monitoring. It can be drunk safely, without risk to health.

Drink as much as you like

Tap water is the most controlled food product in Wallonia. Each year, the SWDE's laboratory analyses over 100,000 samples. The quality standards are very strict and the risk of contamination is well below the standards established by the WHO*. All of this makes the water 100% drinkable, safe and fresh.

The SWDE is committed to:

  • distributing drinkable water to all;
  • maintaining strict controls;
  • replacing the last lead connections.


The laboratory's missions

The SWDE's laboratory does not just ensure the conformity of the water that is distributed. It is involved in the assessment of new groundwater areas and takes preventive measures to avoid any pollution. It also has an influence on the operation of water treatment plants.

*World Health Organization

The laboratory does not only analyse your tap water, but also groundwater and water stored above ground.

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