I want to change my household composition


Marriage, separation, divorce, death, etc.


What to do in the event of death?

A family member has died and you need to take the necessary steps following their death. We are here to help you.

Have one of their bills and the current meter reading at the ready. Then call us on 087/87.87.87 and we will help you and take you through the necessary steps according to your particular situation. 



The name on my bills needs to be changed following my separation. What should I do? 

This change requires an administrative closure. 

To achieve this, please inform us of the date of the change, the current meter reading and the full contact details of the remaining user on our form (click here).



What should I do if I want my spouse’s name to appear on the bills? 

We have to perform an administrative closure.


Any questions? Contact us.

Frequently asked questions

I am moving in/out. What are the formalities to go through with SWDE?

It is important to inform us of any changes in the occupancy of a building. 

If you leave, read the meter one last time in the presence of all parties involved so that the final bill can be issued. Access your Customer Account and complete the formalities in a few clicks. 

When you move in, water is already available. In order to quickly update your situation, access your Customer Account and complete the formalities in a few clicks.

More information: You are moving