Frequently asked questions

I am building or renovating

What is CertIBEau certification?

CertIBEau is compulsory for all new connections. This certification does not imply any new obligations or technical standards. Its objective is to ensure that the internal installations in newly constructed buildings comply with the legislation in force. The technical specifications detailed on our website or on the CertIBEau website correspond scrupulously to the standards in force.

What is the "Connect my home" offer?

ORES, SWDE, PROXIMUS and VOO coordinate their efforts to make your connections at the same time and at no extra cost. This means submitting one single application for all your connections. And you will only have one contact person until the work is completed.  

For more information, visit the Connect my Home website.

Instructions for connecting a gooseneck Where to connect it

The gooseneck is connected to either a fire hydrant or fire post.

SWDE can send the plan for the location of fire hydrants on request.

Hiring a gooseneck How do I get one?
  •  Fill in the online application form.
  • As soon as we receive the form, we prepare an agreement. This will be sent to you with the reference for payment of the deposit. The agreement must be returned to SWDE signed by you. The deposit is paid by bank transfer.
  • To collect the equipment you can make an appointment via the contact form or by phone on 087 / 87 87 87.
Instructions for using a gooseneck. How to use it?
  • Please refer to the information in the brochure.
  • Please note that the agreement must be scrupulously followed (use on the designated site, securing the equipment, etc.).
  • Always keep a copy of the agreement on site with the gooseneck in case of inspection.
  • Transmit the gooseneck's meter reading whenever requested (quarterly).
I have received a letter stating that my agreement for a gooseneck is coming to an end but my work is not finished, what should I do?
  • Contact us to request an extension of your agreement with the desired extension period (max. 6 months) accompanied by 2 photos of the gooseneck: a legible photo of the meter in order to read the serial number and the meter reading itself, as well as a photo of the gooseneck in wide shot.
  • A new agreement will be returned to SWDE for signature.
  • Always keep a copy on site in case of inspection.
Cost of hiring a gooseneck
  • Deposit: €500 This will be repaid to you, minus the bill for the water used, on the return of all the equipment in good condition. 
  • Rental: €55 excl. VAT/month – any month or part thereof must be paid for.
  • Water consumption: this is charged at the standard rate.
What to do once you have finished using your gooseneck?
  • You can contact us to make an appointment to return the equipment, either via the contact form or by telephone on 087 / 87 87 87.
  • The final bill will be drawn up on the basis of the m³ consumed (current rate) + monthly rental (€55.00 excl. VAT/month).
  • If the equipment is damaged, you will also be charged for this. If there is no damage, the consumption is deducted from the deposit. If there is a surplus, we will refund the difference.
  • How do I get my deposit back? If the final bill is lower than the deposit, the difference is refunded. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the final bill, you will have to pay the excess.