Frequently asked questions

Your consumption tracking

Average consumption per year/per person

In the home, flushing the toilet uses the largest volume of water (on average 36% of daily consumption). This is followed by personal hygiene (32%), laundry (13%), household cleaning and watering plants (8%), washing up (7%), drinking and food preparation (4%).

The annual average is between 30 and 40m³ per year per person.  

Why and how to monitor your consumption ?

In your customer area, go to "View my consumption" and enter a control index.
Each time you enter a new index, a new projection of your annual consumption will be made.

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Don't forget to adjust your instalments according to your actual consumption.

I’ve noticed anormally high consumption. What should I do?

If you think you have a leak, check out our tips on how to spot one and avoid nasty surprises when you receive your annual bill.

How to deal with leaks


I suspect a hidden leak, what should I do?

A hidden leak is a leak that is difficult to detect in the installation inside a home. In the event of a hidden leak, we can, under certain conditions, give you a discount on your water bill. 

What do we do if there is a hidden leak and proven excess consumption? 

We will determine the amount of excess consumption based on your average consumption over the previous three years. 

  • The recalculated average annual consumption will then be charged at the normal rate. 
  • Excess consumption will be billed at 50% for the supply part and totally exempted for the sanitation part.  
  • The bill will also be limited to a maximum of 2,000 m³. Any m³ above this limit will not be charged. 

What are the eligibility conditions for the price discount? 

The volume of excess consumption must be greater than 50 m³ and at least double your usual consumption

  • You must have submitted your annual meter reading at least twice in the three years prior to the year in which the leak was detected. 
  • The increase in consumption must be due to a leak that is difficult to detect in a private installation. This excludes: 
    • leaks due to defective household appliances; 
    • leaks from sanitary installations and their connections; 
    • leaks in the heating system and its connection. 
  • An exception is made for leaks caused by a faulty boiler safety valve (for domestic customers only).  
  • The installation must comply with the relevance standards.. The presence of a non-return valve and a valve after the meter are essential if you are to be eligible for the discount. 

What documents do I need to provide? 

Send an e-mailMail to our Customer Service department to explain the situation and request acknowledgement of a hidden leak. Do not forget to attach proof of the repair of the leak (repair invoices, photos, etc.). This repair must be carried out within 60 days of becoming aware of the hidden leak.

Is my home water pressure sufficient at my network connection?

We guarantee a static pressure of between 2 and 10 bar at the meter location (excluding deviation and isolated cases). To find out more, visit our page “What to do in case of lack of flow or pressure - SWDE”?

How do I take my meter reading?

Your meter reading indicates your water consumption in cubic metres (1 m³ = 1,000 l). The figures on a black background represent your consumption in cubic metres, while the red figures indicate your consumption in litres. 

Only the figures on a black background are taken into account for your bill. 

When you need to give us your annual meter reading, this number on a black background should be sent via your Customer Account or via the indexphone (automatic message service available 24 hours a day).

How is my daily water consumption broken down?

In the home, flushing the toilet uses the largest volume of water (on average 36% of daily consumption). This is followed by personal hygiene (32%), laundry (13%), household cleaning and watering plants (8%), washing up (7%), drinking and food preparation (4%).

What should I do if my meter reading has not changed since the last reading?

If you see that your meter shows the same reading as the previous year, your meter is probably stuck and needs to be replaced (free of charge). 

Contact our Customer Service department immediately on 087 / 87 87 87.  

How do I correct an estimated reading?

If we do not receive your annual reading, we will bill you on the basis of an estimate. In order to provide us with the actual reading, please complete the online form. Don't forget to attach a photo of your meter (black numbers clearly visible).


What should I do if I have forgotten to submit my meter reading? 

If you have not yet received a bill based on an estimate, go to your Customer Account and enter your reading.  

You can also use the indexphone, for which you will need your meter reading request with the access code.