Quality controls


Each day, the SWDE's laboratory analyses several hundred samples taken throughout the system. Aim: to verify if the tap water complies with the demanding standards of drinkable water.

Laboratoire d'analyse de la qualité de l'eau de la SWDE

To prevent the risk of the deterioration of the water quality, the SWDE has always implemented a rigorous prevention policy by carrying out a greater number of control analyses than legally required.

Over one hundred thousand analyses are carried out each year. The samples are taken at different locations, from the abstraction area to the consumers' taps and including the storage facilities.

The water sampled is quickly analysed by our laboratory, according to criteria that are stricter than those prescribed by the WHO (the World Health Organization). The reliability of the samples is analyses is guaranteed by theBELTEST/BELA accreditation, which verifies that the system complies with the ISO 17025 quality standard. Thanks to these measures, you can drink the water from your tap without any risk to your health.

Working for you

Our ISO 17025 certified laboratory can take samples and perform analyses for clients other than SWDE, with the ISO 17025 standard focusing on the reliability of the analytical results clients receive from our laboratory. It also officially acknowledges SWDE’s approach to excellence and continuous improvement in relation to samples and analyses. This involves:

  • groundwater
  • surface water
  • drinking water
  • bottled water
  • water used in the food industry
  • sanitary water (Legionella)
  • swimming pool water
  • bathing water

Our laboratory can also take samples and perform analyses not covered by ISO 17025 certification. This may involve:

  • cooling tower water (Legionella)
  • tanked water
  • wastewater
  • the air in indoor swimming pools (chloramines)

Should you require any analyses, complete the request form or contact us.