Our vision


The strategy of the Société wallonne des eaux is based on a clear vision, a well defined mission and shared values. Presentation of our vision.

As a key actor in Wallonia, the SWDE aims to:

1. Provide and enhance the public management of the water cycle

The SWDE is firmly convinced that the water service must be provided, today and in the future, here and elsewhere, by effective public organisations. In Wallonia, it aims to be responsive in helping the municipalities and the public authorities to meet the challenges of the development of the water sector.

2. Promote Walloon expertise and skills internationally

The SWDE is seeking to increase exchanges with public operators in emerging or developing countries.  Its expertise and its skills with regard to supply and access to drinking water may benefit them greatly. It is aligned with the process of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations. One of the MDGs is to reduce by half the percentage of the population that does not have sustainable access to safe drinking water supply and basic sanitation services.

The SWDE encourages private and public Walloon companies in the sector to expand internationally.

3. Control the evolution of the water price

The SWDE intends to further explore all of the possible approaches for limiting increases in the (true cost of water ) as well as the investment and operating costs of its activity.

This responsible management logic aims to ensure access to water at a price that is not only accessible to all, but is also the same throughout the Walloon territory, regardless of the area serviced (urban or rural).

4. Deploy the activities of its core business

The SWDE wishes to enhance the activities in which its expertise is acknowledged (at a national and international level) and to raise their visibility. The management of water resources, the treatment and the control of water quality, the command of information systems (SIG, ERP, etc.) are among these activities to be promoted.

5. Mobilise skills internally

Nos collaborateurs

The SWDE relies on its human resources as determiners of quality . It intends to further develop and improve internal skills and expertise through in particular the development of its competence centre and its training expertise.

In order for its staff to be able to confidently manage the change, the SWDE intends to increase its support measures.

6. Rationalise and modernise the water production structures

The SWDE wants to develop collaborations with the other producers active in Wallonia, in order to establish a production plan at the regional level.  The aim is to:

  • secure the water supply throughout the territory;
  • ensure the rational and reasonable management of the water resources, both from an environmental perspective (protection of the naturally available water) and an economic one (control of operating costs, economies of scale through the pooling of the production facilities, etc.)

7. Modernise the water distribution infrastructure

In order to ensure both the continuity of its customers' supply and their comfort (flow rate and pressure at the tap), the SWDE is strongly committed to continuing the replacement and enhancement of its water distribution infrastructure. The SWDE is committed to effectively anticipating the ageing of its equipment and to exercising heightened vigilance in relation to the systems that are most vulnerable, both to climatic variations and the particular characteristics of their environment.