Our values


The strategy of the Société wallonne des eaux is based on a clear vision, a well defined mission and shared values. Presentation of our values.

The accomplishment of the mission and the vision is based on a set of values that are accepted and shared by the management as well as by all of the staff.

The SWDE's values can be found in the word “RESPECT”:

Respect : R

R for Responsibility

Given our status and our mission, we intend to play a role in all of the major issues facing society: environmental, economic, social, individual. The development of a sense of responsibility among all of our employees is an essential component of our policy.



Respect : E

E for Environmental protection

As a sustainable development actor, we protect, collect and distribute a natural resource that is both vital and fragile. The preservation of the environment is therefore of course a core concern for us.

We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our activities through the rational use of energy and natural resources, control of production and the sorting of waste. Not forgetting the control of the impact of our structures on the natural environment, both at the time of their construction and during their operation.


Respect : SS for Satisfaction for customers

We have the basic obligation of ensuring the continuity of our customers' drinking water supply.

We are committed to listening to them and to providing them with a service of the highest quality, under any circumstances. This is reflected by an attentive and courteous service, as well as by individually tailored solutions.


Respect : P

P for Performance

We are establishing ourselves as a public company model that is very capable of meeting the challenges of the development of the water sector and is based on a sound financial structure. In this context, we are committed to demonstrating every day our ability to:

  • provide a local service to citizens;
  • maintain a high quality service;
  • ensure the continuity of the supply;
  • maintain a controlled price.

Respect : EE for Effective team work

The efficiency and performance of our departments are dependent on solidarity and collaboration between colleagues. We encourage the sharing of experiences and good practices. We encourage personal development by creating working conditions that foster communication, listening, initiative and collaboration.



Respect : CC for Creativity

We offer fertile ground for the boldness and the imagination of the women and men in the company, to make them the key proponents of this process of continuous progress.

We remain vigilant and attentive in order to anticipate the many social, economic, technological and environmental developments that will guide our company's future. This forward-looking attitude enables us to quickly adapt to the changes that occur and to remain at the forefront of progress.


Respect : TT for Transparency

We operate in an honest and open manner. We are driven by the desire to communicate well with our administering authority, our municipal partners, our foreign partners, our consumers, our suppliers, our trade union delegations and our staff. Providing comprehensive and accurate information about our operations, our motivations and our practices allows us to establish and strengthen a relationship of trust with each of our partners.