Our mission


The strategy of the Société wallonne des eaux is based on a clear vision, a well defined mission and shared values. Presentation of our mission.

The mission of the Société wallonne des eaux is to:

1.     Produce drinking water

Réservoir d'eau SWDE¤  Ensuring the long-term protection of the resource

The SWDE is committed to the protection of the water abstraction. It has proven skills and experience in the characterisation and management of water resources. It carries out research, activities and development projects with a view to reducing the risk of the pollution of the groundwater resources.

¤  Exploiting the resource in a rational way

The SWDE produces and treats water that is mainly found underground. It exploits the groundwater of the Walloon subsoil taking into account its availability. The SWDE also exploits and treats surface water, which is mainly stored in four dam reservoirs. Out of a concern for the rational use of the available potential, the SWDE explores and exploits new groundwater resources, including quarry pit water.

2. Distribute the drinking water

The SWDE ensures the continuous availability of drinking water throughout the system that it manages. It ensures the continuity of the supply. It supplies high quality water under pressure and in sufficient quantities to all of its private, public and industrial customers.

The SWDE has its own laboratory that plays an essential role in controlling the quality of the water. It ensures the conformity of the water distributed by carrying out multiple daily controls at all points of the system (from abstraction to the consumer's tap).

3. Designing suitable water production and distribution infrastructure

To meet requirements in terms of technical infrastructure/buildings, the SWDE undertakes the design, the architecture and the supply of structures through its engineering department. Its projects can be very high-tech. The SWDE pays as much attention to the aesthetics of the structures as to their environmental and energy impacts.

4. Meet and anticipate customers' needs

Service Clientèle de la SWDE

The SWDE is committed to achieving optimal satisfaction[1]  among its customers. It raises the quality of the service offered in line with their increasing demands, while guaranteeing them the fairest price for the product supplied.  It has implemented a policy for the continuous improvement of its processes that enables it to adhere as closely as possible to the demands of its customers and even anticipate them.