International cooperation


Access to high quality water and to performing sanitation services must be a global priority. The SWDE helps with this by putting forward its expertise on the international stage.

Coopération Maroc

We have been increasing the number partnerships with public organisations since 1998. The promotion of access to water and the public management model are the two major components that guide our activities on the international stage. They take form of among other things:

  • water resources management training
  • intellectual and methodological support in the improvement of water quality
  • the passing on of our technical expertise.

In recent years, the main cooperation projects have focused on North Africa, Morocco and Algeria.

In Morocco, we have been cooperating with the ONEE* since 2005 in all of the water production and distribution sectors.

In Algeria, the twinning agreement concluded in 2011 with the ADE** delivered on all its promises. Twenty trainers from the SWDE were deployed in the country for 18 months. A “resident twinning adviser” coordinated all of the actions provided for by the agreement.

Success story

Coopération ADEThe SWDE-ADE twinning project achieved excellent results in all aspects. Analysis laboratory, IT infrastructure, procedures, ISO certifications, auditing, etc. The ADE as a whole benefited from our expertise. It was so successful that the European Union placed this twinning project among the top three of 2012.

In Benin, our cooperation with SONEB begun in 2004. Now, a training projet concerns water resources protection, water treatment plants as well as distribution networks.

In Burkina Faso, the SWDE is starting a new cooperation with ONEA. New, more relevent management indicators in water production and distribution services will be set up.

Solid experience

We are participating in several other cooperation projects elsewhere in the world, with the aim of improving the well-being of the local populations: in Bolivia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Lebanon, Mauritania, Niger, DR Congo, Senegal…


*Office national de l’eau potable (National Office for Drinking Water)
**Algérienne des eaux (Algerian Water Company)